Today I am sharing 10 such points in this article which can help you in getting an attractive personality. We meet many people every day, but only a few people are the ones who influence us. For such people only, we say that, the person has got a pleasant personality. People with such personality are often happy and they are respected everywhere, they are liked, invited to parties and they get promotion in job too soon. Naturally, we all would like to possess such personality.

Tips To Get Attractive Personality:

attractive personality

Make people genuinely like:

When we meet someone, we create an image of that person in the mind. This image can be positive, negative or neutral. But if we want to improve our personality, then we have to make this image intentionally positive. We have to train our minds to find good in people, not evil. This is not so difficult to do, if you instruct the mind to find goodness, then it will find out. It help you to get attractive personality.

We should be patient with the people, instead of being irritated by any lack or shortcoming of them, we should try to keep ourselves in their place. What to know if we too grew up in the same circumstances, they would have been like them !!! Therefore, do not get irritated by celebrating the differences.

Friends, the negativity spread all around us affects us a lot, we hear the news of theft, cheating, fraud every day and perhaps this is the reason why the man is losing faith in the man. I do not say that you blindly trust people, but I will definitely say that do not distrust people blindly. Most people are good; At least they are with them which is good with them, be nice with people, like them and in return they will do the same with you. And also make yourself attractive personality.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

Every person I meet is better than me in one way or the other.

So when everyone is better than us in one way or the other, it can be done like that!

Meet with Smile:

What happens when you meet your best friend? You smile while looking at each other;

attractive personality

Smile shows that you like the front. The same thing applies in all kinds of relations; So whenever you meet someone (of course there are some exceptions), bring a genuine smile on your face, people will like you, they will be happy to meet you. It is unlikely that you will not get a smile in response to your smile, and even if it happens, you have to play your part well. And people find out yourself a attractive personality.

It must have seemed quite easy to hear, what to do, just a little smile to do, many people do it naturally (to increase self confidence also) ; But many people do not notice this small thing, and if you do not, then bring it into your practice. A smiling face is more attractive than a flat or stern face, and is very helpful in making your attractive personality.

Smiling also has another benefit, as per some research; When we are happy from inside, then our external expressions change accordingly, on seeing us people understand that we are happy; And exactly the opposite is also true, that is, when we make our external expressions pleasant, it also affects our internal mood and it becomes good and you look like attractive personality.

Names are noted:

For a person, his name has more importance than all the other names in the world. So when you talk to someone, keep taking his name in between. Of course if the person is senior to you, then you will have to add the required suffix or prefix with the name.

Taking the name in between, the front person feels its importance and also pays more attention to you. And definitely he is happy that you are giving importance to his name.

Friends, I was also a bit raw in remembering the name, even after 2 minutes of knowing the name, he used to get off carefully. This was basically because I did not even try to remember the name; But now I intentionally try to remember the name after hearing it once. You too “understand the importance of the name”, remembering the name gives you a very big edge and people think you are a attractive personality.

Put “You” before “I”:

Who would you like more: who talks about what mean to them or someone who talks about what you mean?

Of course you will choose the second option… Every person is engaged in putting himself first… I am like this, I like it, I do it… .is thought it? But separate you from this, put “You” before “I”.

How are you “, what do you like ?, what do you do?”

I bet, people will like you more by doing this and it make you an attractive personality.

Not only actors, cricketers, or writers, a common man also wants an audience… When you become an audience of a common man, you become special for him. And when you do this with many people, you become special to many people and in the process you become more of a personality than a person, a attractive personality whom everyone likes, whose charisma to all Influences.

Listen before speaking:

You can call it extension of point 4. When you take interest in others, there should be honesty in it. You said “What do you like?” That is why he did not ask that he should finish his answer quickly and you can start telling your story.

attractive personality

You have to not only give the person in front a chance to speak first, but also listen to his talk carefully and talk more about it in between. For ex: If someone says that he is fond of traveling, then you can ask him what is his favorite tourist destination, and which places are good there.

The demand of good listeners never decreases. You become a good listener and see how your demand increases and you become an attractive personality.

More important than what you say is how to say:

What you say matters more than how you speak. For ex. If you made a mistake and you say sorry by making a mouth, then that sorry has no meaning. We not only have to use the right words but also have to take care of how they are being told.

So pay attention to your tone and body language, talk to people as polite and well-mannered as possible.

Here I would also like to say that many people see the ability to speak English by relating it to personality, while it is not so, you can become a person with an attractive personality without knowing A, B, C.

Help people without thinking about benefits:

Many times we are in such a situation that we can help others, but out of laziness or thinking that we have no use in it, we do not help. But a person with an attractive personality is ready to help people. Yes, it does not mean that you leave your important work and continue to help people, but if you can get help from someone after giving some time, then definitely come. Your one selfless help will not only lift others but you will also feel good.

Make your external appearance look good:

Since our first impression is made due to our appearance, it is necessary to pay some attention to this point.

attractive personality

By appearance, I do not mean that you should go to the gym and make a body, or do the rounds of beauty parlor, it simply means that you dress up according to the occasion and pay attention to personal hygiene. Small things such as your hair-cut, nails and polished shoe affect you and make an attractive personality.

Appreciate Other:

This is a great formula to win people’s hearts and make your friend…. Well, here I am talking about praising at the individual level. If you search, you will see something to praise you in every person; It can be anything – his garden, collection of coins, room decorated with goodies, his smile, his name, anything, if you search, you will be able to see right.

And when you see, do not sit down as a submissive, after praising someone you will give him what he wants from the heart… You will increase his happiness, make his day, and the biggest thing is that you carry him forward. Will give fuel to do. If you are reluctant to speak in front then do a sms later,Tell it in the mail, but if something is praiseworthy, then praise it. It give great impact and make you an attractive personality.

Yes, even if you do not get it even after trying a lot, then don’t try to fake it… Children also understand that you are praising the truth or false.

Continue to observe and improve:

Personality development is an on-going process. We all have an infinite scope of improvement, so don’t ever think that improvement was to happen now, but instead of taking some time for yourself, observe your activities, your words minutely, what have you done, how can you do it better You can do it, is it not that you are considering yourself as a thirty-something person about something and in reality people do not like this thing of yours and stop you become an attractive personality.

For ex. A few years ago I realized that I would have made so many mistakes point out that in order to bring quick improvement in people that their confidence would be reduced; so I improved on this point and now I do this patiently. Growing on this path, you also keep observing yourself, and keep improving continuously.

I hope these 10 things will help you in making you an attractive personality.

What to do now?
Now you have to practice these ten things in turn to bacome an attractive personality. To start with you choose one point of your choice, remember that you have to focus on only one point at a time. After choosing, apply it in real life. Keep an eye on yourself in your day-today activities and see if you are really able to apply it. When you have done this for a week, then take the second point and practice it now.

During this time, you continued to apply the first point as well, but if it gets missed then worrying is currently your focus point 2, and it should not be missed.

In the same way, you keep practicing the rest of the points as well, and within a few months you will find that you are able to concentrate on all the things together. Just be patient and keep on moving, and surely you will soon own an Attractive personality.

All the best!

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