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Friends, Today i am sharing some tips for happy life, Because being happy is the innate nature of human beings. It help to increase immunity. Why is a young child often happy? Why do we say that childhood days are the best days of life? Because we are born HAPPY; But as we grow up our environment, our society starts dissolving impurity in us…. And gradually the level of impurity increases so much that the natural state of happiness starts changing into the natural state of sadness.

But this does not happen with everyone, there are many people in the world who are able to preserve their natural state of being happy and live happy life.

So are such people always happy? No, like others, there is a feeling of sorrow and happiness in their lives, but usually such people do not worry about vain and often laugh – smile and be happy.

So the question arises that when these people can be happy then why not everyone else? After all, what are their habits that keep them happy even amidst the tension around the world?

Tips For Happy Life:

Today, through this article, I am going to share with you 7 habits of happy people, which may help you to spend happy life. So let’s know those seven habits:

Happy people seek good, not evil:

Human beings have a natural tendency that they catch negativity quickly. Psychologists call this trend “Negativity bias”. Most people quickly see what is lacking in others and do not pay that much attention to goodness, but those who are happy find goodness in everything, in every situation, they believe that what happens is good. . It is very easy to see goodness in any person, just you have to ask yourself, “Why is this person good?”

And know that your brain will count many such experiences and things that you will look good in that person.

happy life

One more thing, you not only have to find goodness in people, but in every situation you have to be positive and see what is good in it . Its very helpful for happy life. For example, if you are not selected in any job interview, then you should think that perhaps GOD has done a better job for you than that which you will get soon, and you can ask any experienced person,

Happy people know how to forgive and also apologize:

Everyone has their own ego, who may be hurt by others unknown. But those who are happy do not take small things to heart, they know to forgive, not only others but also themselves.

And conversely, if such people make a mistake, they do not hesitate to apologize. They know that the ego of waste will make their life complex, so they never skimp in saying “sorry”. Whenever I make a mistake, I never try to justify it and accept it and apologize.

Apologizing lightens your mind, protects you from useless confusion and disturbing thoughts, and keeps you happy as a result. Its compulsory for light and happy life.

People who are happy develop a strong support system all around them:

This support system rests on two pillars Family and Friends (F&F). F&F contributes greatly to being happy in life. Even if you have worldwide wealth, fame, but if you do not have F&F, then you will not be happy for much longer. F&F are pillar of happy life.

It may seem like a very obvious thing to you, it may seem that you also have very good friends and a very loving family, but think about it seriously. How many friends do you have, who you can call at 3 o’clock in the night without any hesitation or can take financial help anytime?

happy life

Family and friends should never be taken for granted, to build a strong relationship you have to look above your own interests, take care of the other, and like them genuinely. Improve your relationships as much as possible, small things such as wishing birthdays, wishing congratulations, genuine appreciation, meeting smiling, warm hands, hugs, deepens your relationship. And when you do this, you get the same in return and makes your life happy life.

Those who are happy tend to work in their mind or in what they do:

If you do your interest, work of your mind, then surely it will increase your Happiness Quotient, but most people are not so lucky, they have to engage in a job or business which is not according to their interest. But the people who are happy tend to put their mind in the work that they do, even though parallels they keep trying to get their favorite job in search of happy life .

I have heard many times people doing evil of the company where they do the job, heard their work as the world’s most useless work, doing so makes your life even more difficult. Those who are happy do not mind their work, they focus on its positive aspects and enjoy it.

But here I would like to say that if we look at the happiest people in the world, then they will be the same people who work their mind, so if you enjoy what you are doing, it is a good thing to learn from it, Find goodnes in everything so that you can enjoy a happy life.

Those who are happy do not believe everything that comes to their mind:

According to scientists, our brain produces 60,000 thoughts every day, and in the case of a common man most of these thoughts are negative. If you feed your brain daily with thousands of negative thoughts, then it will be difficult to be happy and maintain a happy life.

happy life

Therefore, people who are happy do not let the bad thoughts coming to their mind flourish for a long time. They know to give benefit of doubt, they know that maybe what they are thinking is wrong, which they think is bad, they are good. By doing this, the person gets relaxed, according to our thinking, there are such chemical releases in the brain that make our mood happy or sad.

When you believe negative thoughts to be true, then your blood pressure starts increasing and you become tense, on the other hand, when you doubt it, you inadvertently give a signal to the brain to be relaxed and it become helpfull for your self to maintain a happy life.

People who are happy tend to associate their life or work with a big purpose:

Once an old woman was coming from somewhere, then she saw three laborers building a building. He first asked the laborer, “What are you doing?”, “Don’t see I am carrying bricks.” He replied

Then she went to another worker and asked him the same question, “What are you doing?”, “I am working hard to feed my family?”

Then she went to the third laborer and again asked the same question, “What are you doing?”

The man replied enthusiastically, “I am building the grandest temple of this city”

You can guess which of the three would be happiest and have a happy life!

Friends, people who are happy like this laborer see their work connected with some big purpose, and doing so really gives them immense pleasure. I think that through this site I can improve the lives of millions of people. I always try to share the best things so that positive changes will come in the life of the students, and perhaps this is the reason that I never get tired of this work and am really happy and satisfied by doing it. Because helping others give you inner satisfaction and that satisfaction is compulsory for happy life .

People who are happy consider themselves responsible for the things that happen in their life:

People who are happy know to take responsibility. If something bad happens to them, they do not blame it on others, but rather blame themselves for it. It will help them to keep peace in their life and also spend a happy life . Because blaming other make you restless.

You may give credit of your success to others, but consider yourself responsible for your failure. When you blame others for the bad things that happen to you, then anger comes in you, but when you consider yourself responsible, you are a little disappointed and then start trying to make things right. I myself hold myself responsible for every good and bad thing happening in my life. By doing this, my energy is spent improving myself instead of finding fault in others, and ultimately increases my happiness.

Friends, maybe you already follow some of these things partially or maybe completely. But if you improve yourself a little bit in any Habit, then it will definitely increase your happiness. Personally I have to improve the forgiving part in Habit 2. So let’s all together increase our Happiness Quotient and try to live a happy life. Love your life Be happy ,,, Have a Happy Life ..

All the best!

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