Friends, Today i will share somethings which we learn from nature. You all will know what is the relation between nature and man. But today I will talk to you about a different relationship between man and nature. And that relation is of teacher and student. Yes, nature is our greatest teacher. It keeps on teaching us something every moment, just need some attention.

Things We Can Learn From Nature

learn from nature

Till date, everything that man has achieved has been done by learning from nature. Nature has taught Newton the lesson of gravity. Many inventions are also inspired by nature. Apart from all this, nature also teaches us such qualities by which we can bring positive changes in our life and make it better. Although its list may be very long, but I am sharing here only 5 things that we can learn from nature:

1) Autumn does not mean the end of the tree:

Sometimes something happens to us that we feel very low. It seems as if everything is gone now that many people go into depression, so many people take big and stupid steps like just think about suicide when in autumn when there is not a single leaf left in the tree, is that tree Comes to an end?

learn from nature

No. That tree does not give up and stands in the hope of new life and spring. And soon new leaves start coming in it, again in her life. This is the law of nature. In the same way, if some such destructive moment comes in our life, it does not mean the end but it is a sign that there will be a new outbreak in our life too. Therefore, we should learn from nature to forget everything and start a new life. And it should be believed that new life will be better than old. This thoght help us to overcome demotivation,

2) Lotus makes its own identity by staying in the mud:

learn from nature

This is my favorite line. This thing inspires me to do good in the midst of evil. Just as the lotus does not allow mud qualities to grow inside it even in mud, similarly no matter how many evils are around us, it should not be allowed to flourish inside itself. We should learn from nature and make our own identity.

3) The river flows down from a height:

learn from nature

Just as the flow of water in the river flows from the higher level to the lower level, in the same way in our life, the flow of love flows from the Highest to the Lowest , so we should learn from nature and never tell ourselves knowledgeable or big in front of others. There is no need and there is no benefit from it. The opposite of love will not flow to us.

4) Reflection of voice in high mountains:

When someone makes a loud sound from the top of a mountain, the same voice is heard back. In science this phenomenon is called echo but the same rule applies in our life also. We get what we give to others. We get back the way we behave for others, if we respect others, we will also get respect. If we are wrong about others then we will get back. So, whatever you behave like, remember that it is going to be returned to you.

5) It takes longer time to prepare a huge tree than smaller plants:

Just as the huge tree takes more time to get ready, similarly our great goal also takes time to be completed. But some people are not able to be patient and leave their work in between. Those who do this later only get remorse. So, in addition to hard work, patience is also required for success in a big goal.

Friends, let us also follow these lessons which we learn from nature in our life and create a better world.

All the best.

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