Friends, Today I am sharing 16 ways to overcome demotivation with you. it happens many times that even if we start a work with great motivation, but for some reason after some time we lose our motivation, and it seems difficult to get back on track. and become attractive personality again.

Sometimes we can feel so low that even thinking about positive changes seems very difficult.

overcome demotivation

But this is not hopeless: by taking small steps you can return to the path of positive change.

Yes, I know, sometimes it seems impossible. You do not feel like doing anything. This has happened to me too, in fact I still feel like this from time to time. you’re not alone . But I have learned some ways to get out of this despair and you can overcome demotivation ,we will look at them today.

Tips To Overcome Demotivation

When you are unable to exercise due to illness, injury or any other problem in life, it is difficult to start back. Many times, I don’t even want to think about it. But I always find a way to overcome that feeling, and here are some things that are helpful for me.

Set One Goal:

Whenever I am a bit down, I have found that it often happens because a lot is going on in my life at the same time. I have been trying to do many things. And it kills my energy and motivation. This is probably the most common mistake that people make: they try to do a lot together.

If you try to achieve two or more goals at a time, then you are unable to maintain your energy and focus (the two most important things to achieve the goal). This is not possible – I have tried many times. For now, you have to choose one goal, and focus on it completely to overcome demotivation. I find it difficult, but I am telling from my experience. Once you achieve your current goal, then you can achieve the rest of your goals.

 Find Inspiration:

I get inspiration from those people who have already achieved what I want to do, or those people who are doing what I want to do. I read blogs, books, magazines of others. I google my goals, and read success stories. Zen Habits is one of such places, not only from me but from many other readers who have received amazing things to overcome demotivation.

Get Excited:

This sounds very obvious, but most people don’t think much about it: if you want to get out of despair, then get excited for a goal. But if you do not feel motivated, how will you feel excited? Well, it starts with inspiration from others, but you have to take enthusiasm from others and turn it into your energy to overcome demotivation.

overcome demotivation

I have found that I start to feel excited by talking to my family and other people, reading more and more about it, and visualizing it (seeing the benefits from achieving goal in mind) as to what it would be like to be successful. . Once this is done, there is a need to carry this energy forward and move forward and overcome demotivation.

Build Anticipation:

This may sound difficult, and many people will skip this tip. But it really works. Due to this tip after several unsuccessful attempts, I was able to quit smoking cigarette. If you get the motivation to achieve your goal then do not try to achieve it immediately. Many of us would like to get excited and start our work today. This is a mistake. Set a date for the future – after a week or two, or even a month – and make it your Start Date to overcome demotivation.

Mark it on the calendar. Get excited about that date. Make it the most important date of your life. Meanwhile, make your plan. And follow some steps given below. Because by delaying your start you build anticipation and increase your energy and focus towards your goal.

Post your goal:

Take a big print out of your goal. Write your goal in a few words, like a mantra (“Exercise 15 mins. Daily”), and stick it on your wall or fridge. Put it in your home in your office and put it on the desktop of your computer. You want to put big reminders for your goals, so that you can focus on your goal and be excited about it. It can also be helpful to overcome demotivation just put a picture related to your goal (like a model with sexy abs, for example).

Commit Publicly:

Nobody wants to look bad in front of others. We put extra effort to do what we have said publicly. For example, when I wanted to run my first marathon race, I started writing a column about it in my local newspaper. The entire population of Guam came to know about this goal of mine.

overcome demotivation

Now I could not back down, although my motivation kept on decreasing, but I kept on holding this goal and completing the race and overcome demotivation. You do not need to commit your goal in any newspaper, but you can do it with your family, friends, and You can tell from co-workers, and if you have a blog, you can write about it too. And hold yourself responsible – don’t commit only once, but update your progress every week or month.

Think about it daily :

If you think about your goal daily then it is more likely to be fulfilled. That is why it is helpful to place your target on the wall or on the desktop. It is also helpful to send a reminder to yourself everyday. And if you will do this small work even for just five minutes every day, then it is almost certain that your goal will be fulfilled and you overcome demotivation.

Get Support:

overcome demotivation

It is difficult to achieve something alone. When I decided to run in the marathon, I had the support of friends and family, as well as a good community of runners in Guam who ran and encouraged me. When I wanted to quit smoking, I joined an online forum, which was very helpful for me. And in this work, my family supported me at every step to overcome demotivation. I would not have done this without the help of them. Find your support network, near you or online or both.

Realize that there’s a flow:

Motivation is not something that is always with you. It comes, goes and comes again, like the tide. Understand this that even if it goes away, it does not go away forever. Motivation returns. Just stay connected with your goal and wait for the motivation to come back. During this time, read about your goal, ask for help from others, and do some other things mentioned here until your motivation comes back and you overcome demotivation.

Stick with it:

Whatever you do, do not give up. Even if you are not feeling motivated at all today or this week, do not give up your goal. Your motivation will come back again. Look at your goal like a long journey, and the demotivation that comes in the middle is just a speed-breaker. You do not leave the journey when small pearl obstacles come. Stay connected with your goal for a long time, cross the ups and downs and you will get there and you overcome demotivation.

Start small. Really small:

If you are having trouble getting started, perhaps it is because you are thinking too big. If you want to exercise, then perhaps you are thinking that you have to workout intensely five days a week. No – take small baby steps instead. Exercise only for two minutes. I know you must be feeling strange. It is so easy, you cannot fail. But you do it and easily overcome demotivation.

Just a few crunches, 2 pushups, and just a little jogging. When you have done this for 2 minutes for a week, then increase it to five minutes, and do it for a week. In a month you will start doing 15-20 minutes. Want to get up early in the morning? Don’t think of getting up at five in the morning, instead of this you wake up just 10 minutes before a week. Once you have done this, then get up early for 10 minutes. It help you overcome demotivation.

Build on small successes:

Once again, if you start with a small goal for a week, you will succeed. If you start with something very simple, then you cannot fail. Who can’t exercise for two minutes? (If you are the one, I apologize) and you will feel successful, you will feel better from inside. With this feeling, take more small steps and overcome demotivation. For example: Add two-three minutes to your exercise routine. With every step (and every step should be at least a week), and you will feel more successful. Keep each step very small and you will not fail.

Read about it daily:

When I lose my motivation, I read a book or blog related to my goal. It inspires me and makes me strong. Whatever you study for some reason, it inspires you in that subject and helps to focus your attention. So if you can read then read about your goal daily, especially when you are not feeling motivated.

Call for help when you want to overcome demotivation:

There is a problem? Ask for help Email me Join an online forum. Find a partner for yourself. Call your mother This does not mean who is in front, just talk about your problem, it will be helpful for you to talk about it. Ask for their advice. Ask them to help you to get out of the demotivated state. it work.

Think about the benefits, not the difficulties:

A common problem is that we think about how difficult something is. It seems too hard to exercise! Thinking about it makes you tired, but think about how difficult it is to do something instead, think about how many benefits it has. For example, instead of thinking how hard it is to exercise; you think how good you will feel after doing this, and how healthier and slimmer you will be in the long run. The benefits of something will energize you and help you to overcome demotivation.

Squash negative thoughts; replace them with positive ones.

It is important to monitor your thoughts. Identify the negative self-talk you do, which is actually demotivating you. Spend a few days just knowing what negative thoughts are inside you, and then after a few days, take them out from inside you as a bug, and then replace them with corresponding positive thought. If you think, “This is too hard”, replace it with “I can do this”. If that Leo can do it, I will too! It gives some strange listening, but it works. Really to overcome demotivation.

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