In this article, I first talked about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule of success on this site. I think this rule is so powerful that it needs to be discussed separately, and so today I am talking about it in detail with you.

Rule of Success

Exceptional performers are born or formed through practice; This debate has been going on since long…. Many people who support and oppose both view points will be found. As far as I am concerned, I believe 100% that through your hard work one can become an exceptional performer… .Now what to do with a natural birth or not… The main thing is that it is possible to be so.

And today in this article I am sharing one such rule of success which will be helpful in you to become an EXPERT in your chosen field of work. And it will be applicable for every kind of work… whether it is teaching or cooking. , make up, singing, dancing, sports or anything else. So you cannot ignore it. So let’s know about this rule which we say here as a rule of success.

10,000 Hour Rule of Success

This is a simple idea that says that mastering any skill requires 10,000 hours rule of success of deliberate practice. In other words, if a person wants to achieve mastery in anything, then at least he will have to do work 10,000 hours.

Rule of Success

Let’s first check this rule at high-level. If we talk about sports, Sachin Tendulkar is considered an expert batsman, then did he practice 10,000 hours rule of success before becoming like this ????… .I think sure. Sachin joined the Indian team at the age of 16, and he used to play cricket ever since he could not even catch a bat properly.

If it is believed that he started playing cricket since he was 6 years old, then he played cricket for 10 years before joining the team. Meaning that even if he would have played less than 3 hours daily, he had practiced 10,000 hours rule of success before joining the team.
Bill Gates had also done 10,000 hours rule of success of programming factor before leaving Harvard, you can see any field by picking up the actors, doctors, professors, all of them reached a different position only after thousands of hours of hard work and practice.

It means that there is something in this rule !!! But you can also think that what is new in this… We have been hearing from childhood that, “there is no substitute for hard work…. It is hard work and success… blah..blah ..”

Hmmm… the point is right but there is something special in the rule… Before hard work was not defined but here it is defined…. ” 10000 hours of deliberate practice. “

Rule of Success

And this is what makes it special. Friends, when numbers are added to a goal, the same simple goal becomes SMART Goal. And the same thing is with the 10K rule; Gladwell has given a number of hard work to the deliberate practice of 10K hrs rule of success. So you get a right direction and aim how hard you have to work. You should also note that this hard work is not just for success, it is more than that… .To become exceptional… become unique, in engineers To become the best engineer, to become the best teacher among teachers, to become the best designer among designers….!

The most important point in this rule is “deliberate practice”, that is, working consciously to achieve mastery in that work. Because many people work just like this or under compulsion, but those who are masters work with the same aim that they have to mastery them. They constantly improve their work, understand one thing closely and improve themselves in it, they are not satisfied easily and are always in pursuit of improvement.

This is the reason that many people, despite doing the same kind of work for twenty years, are average in it, they do not put any special effort to improve themselves !!

Rule of Success

OKKK. Rule is life but what is it to do now?

Now you have to become an expert in your chosen field, Friends, to become an Expert you have to do three things:

1) You have to decide in which area you want to become an expert?

2) In what time do you want to be?

3) And you have to calculate how many hours you have to practice deliberate every day, and then you have to do it in reality.

The first point you have to decide in which field you want to become expert, in the second you have to decide how much time you want to become expert in say, 5 years or 10 years and in the third you have to do a little calculation.

For example if you want to become a Master Chef in the next 5 years, then you have to practice that work every day ((10,000 / (5 * 365)) = 5 .47 hours. It is necessary to become expert from scratch by following rule of success, but If you have already progressed in this work then you will take less time. And everyday does not mean that you cannot take a break in between, but note that your continuity should not be a break for more days.

I hope after knowing this rule, you will get help in planning your life and giving it a right direction. Specially those who are young can plan to master any particular skill from now on. Time passes very fast, you will not even know when you will become an expert with your consistent focused efforts.

Friends, sometimes the path to reach the floor is more rewarding than the floor itself, and maybe the way to become an expert is also something like that… so let’s all go out to our respective floors.

Happy Journey 🙂

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