Incompleteness in life. A negative thought comes to the mind as soon as I hear the word incomplete. Because the word itself refers to any lack of life. But think that if this slight deficiency is not there in life then life will not be over?

Incompleteness in life

Incompleteness in life

If you pay attention, then this lack of motivation motivates man to work. Any step, we take in the direction of filling this incompleteness in life. Psychologists say that there are certain innate powers inside the human being that motivate him to move away from any negative emotion and choose the best option from the available options. Anything that brings imbalance in life, man tries to take it in the direction of balance.

Incompleteness in life

If there is no shortage, there will be no need, no need, then there will be no attraction, and if there is no attraction, then there will be no goal either. If there is no hunger, there is no question of going towards food. Therefore, it is not right to view any deficiency in your life in a negative way. The real thing is that this deficiency or incompleteness in life acts as a motivator for us.

Shortcomings occur in everyone’s life, just its form and level are different. And every work of this world has been and will continue to be done to fill that gap. Whatever be the behavior, daily work, going to office, love affair or building a new relationship with someone, all work is done in the direction of filling that emptiness of life. Yes, it may be that some people continue to work for the betterment of that deficiency even after its completion.

Incompleteness in life

You take any event, the fight for freedom, any revolution, petty crime, big crime or any benevolence, every task is to remove some incompleteness in life. Through many researches, it has been proved that what kind of clothes a person wears, what kind of book he reads, what kind of program he likes to watch and what kind of organization he is associated with, all of them to overcome that lack of life.

First fundamental needs; Of hunger, thirst and sex.

Second protection

The third relationship or love,

Fourth Spirit of Honor

And the fifth self-actualization in which a person makes full use of his abilities.

It is not necessary that we can reach all the stages mentioned in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in our life and to overcome every deficiency, but we do try.

Many incidents are heard where people have changed the shortcomings of their lives in their strength and due to which the whole world knows them, in which the names of Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln are at the top.

Incompleteness in life

Albert Einstein was a victim of learning disability from birth, he could not speak for four years and could not read for nine years. He had also failed in the first attempt of college entrance. But what he has done is incomparable.

Abraham Lincoln faced many problems related to health in his life. He faced defeat many times in his life, even once he got nervous break-down, but still he became the sixteenth President of America at the age of 52 years.

The truth is that if a person wants, then he can make incompleteness in life his biggest source of inspiration.

How can the incompleteness that inspires us to do something in life, be negative.”Just think! That if this little incompleteness is not there in our life then how incomplete the life would be! ”

So never complain about anything in your life . Everything has positive sides also , So , always focus on positive side of every situation. This incompleteness in life make us complete.

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