Today we discuss importance of forgiveness. In this life, unknown mistakes are made by humans. When we make a mistake ourselves, I wish I had forgiven the person in front of us, but when someone else makes a mistake, we are angry. After reading this my thinking about Forgive others, has definitely improved. Hopefully after reading this article, there will be a better change in your attitude towards Forgiveness.

Importance of forgiveness?

‘Be a human’ How many times have you heard and spoken this phrase in your life, but how often do we try to understand its deep meaning. ‘Respect begets respect’ and ‘love begets love’ i.e. ‘love in exchange for respect and love in respect of respect’ is it always necessary to be like this? Remember a moment in your life when you have helped someone without thinking what I will get in return or what I will have to pay for it.


God has decorated man with many good and positive qualities. One of those goodies is altruistic behavior. This is an unselfish concern of helping others. We help people many times in our life, but the thing to think about is how often this help is motivated by the feeling of not getting anything in return. Somewhere in our mind, despite not wanting, an expectation is born that we too will definitely get something in return for this benevolence, otherwise a thank you is expected in return.

So what is the benefit that is beyond such expectation or feeling? What is the benefit that is priceless for others but very easy and cheap for the one who gives help… That is a favor to forgive someone for someone’s mistake… forgive.

To forgive someone for someone’s mistake and to get rid of self-aggression is a great benevolence. In the process of forgiving, the forgiver gets more happiness than the forgiven person. If thought, the smallest or the biggest mistake can never be embodied in the past, nothing more than forgiveness can be asked for it. If you forgive someone’s mistake, you help that person as well as help yourself.


To forgive one has to think above his ego which is a difficult task and only a tolerant person can do it. Have you ever noticed that in our daily life we ​​forgive some and get forgiveness from others.

How easy it is to go ahead by saying a word sorry to someone and instead think on your own that that person may have forgiven us. What if our parents don’t forgive us for our mistakes? What if God leaves us to forgive our crimes. So if we can’t forgive anyone, how can we expect God to forgive us.

A great person has said that not forgiving someone for someone’s mistake is exactly the same as drinking poison itself and hoping that it has an effect on the other. Think that if there is no benevolence in this world, then no one will ever love anyone… love is nothing without forgiveness and forgiveness is nothing without love.

The first and necessary thing that you should have to do any charity is your happiness. Every person should see their happiness first before doing any work. It seems a bit strange to hear how to put your happiness first, while always learning that by sacrificing your happiness, the happiness of others should be seen first. The question also arises that if we see our happiness first then how will we do charity? Both are completely opposite to each other.

So the answer is that if you are helping someone because of external motivation or extrinsic motivation then it is not only charity, charity is that which is the source of intrinsic motivation or intrinsic motivation. Perhaps you do not know that you will be able to give happiness to others only when you are happy yourself. Sacrifice is a good thing to do, but where you are happy by sacrificing. If someone sacrifices his happiness repeatedly, then one day he takes the form of frustration which can also have negative effects.


It is human nature that if we are upset or unhappy with our life, we can never truly appreciate it by seeing the happy life of others. A defeated person is never able to truly congratulate a winning person, he has no ill-will behind it, but his own self-sacrifice. Therefore, the first step for anyone’s welfare is happiness and satisfaction of one’s mind; And the same rule applies in the forgiving process.

A happy person cannot see others unhappy for long. It is said that he who gives what he gives to others. How can you give something which is not available with you? A mango tree can always be expected to get mangoes and not any other fruit. Keep in mind that if you are positive from inside and are happy, then you will spread positivity around you. “Idiots neither forgive nor forget, naive forgets but not forgive but a kind person forgives but never forgets.” “

Therefore, if you forgive people in your daily life, then this is the biggest benefit you have inadvertently done on them, which does not cost you anything.

Forgiveness is like lighting up in a dark room, in which both the apologizer and the forgiving person get to know each other more closely. By forgiving you give someone a chance to prove their goodness.

Why is it said that the dead should always be forgiven? Is it really because that person will never get a chance to apologize again or because you will never get a chance to forgive him again?

So if we are able to rain two to four drops of forgiveness on a dry land of any life, then the flowers of hope and smiles may bloom on that dry land.

So make a living in life, make love, love but listen… .. ‘forgive me a bit’ !!!

Request: Please tell through your comments how did you like this article on this Forgiveness. One who forgive, doesn’t have to return to the same relationhip or accept the same harmful behaviors from an offender. Forgiveness is vitally important for the mental health of those who have been victimized.

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