Your greatest quality -Dear friends, do you think of yourself? Perhaps you are thinking that this is a very easy task. After all we all think about ourselves! Are you? Stay a bit here I mean ‘think’ – by searching for your greatest quality.

Your greatest quality:

your greatest quality

Do you know – what is your greatest asset, that is, your greatest quality? Yes ! Friends, your most important quality is your greatest wealth. So it means that every rich man knows his major qualities. That is why he is able to use it most effectively. And it also means that every successful and wealthy man gives himself maximum time. and you ??

Asking Charles Schwab the secret of his success, he admitted – ‘His greatest asset is his amazing ability to motivate people.’ The surprising thing here is that he did not say that he knew how to make steel the best way ! Perhaps they knew that steel making was not as important as MOTIVATE people and that was why Charles Schwab was the President of the highest-paid Andrew Carnegie company in the 20th century. Now you must understand what is important? Yes of course ! You are thinking right.

your greatest quality

“Thinking about yourself” about your greatest quality.

Here I am asking to think about the qualities. May be you are thinking that we should also think about defects with virtues. Yes, it also seems appropriate and as the title of a book is – Why do students fail?

But I want to make it clear here that thinking in terms of my own faults is utter nonsense. Yes you are listening right rubbish! It is so important that I am repeating my point – ‘we should never think about our faults’ why am I stressing so much on this thing ?? There are two reasons for this –

It is a fact that – on the whole thing we focus on the whole universe, that thing increases amazingly. Whether they are your faults or your merits, it does not matter what you are focusing on. So be careful what you see, what you study, and what you hear just focus on your greatest quality. Because you are becoming what you think about every moment.

If you believe that – ‘If we do not know our faults and shortcomings, then how will we improve?’ Even then you do not need to think about your faults, how? You can be comfortable leaving this work to your family, some friends, and society.

And if you do not believe this, then you start paying attention now and I can bet that right now you cannot guess at all whether those people (some members of your family, some friends or Other people) How many times do you repeat your mistakes and faults in front of you. Maybe some of them really want to rectify your shortcomings, but inadvertently they are constantly increasing your shortcomings and faults.

your greatest quality

Here you can be careful that you will not be in contact with people who constantly tell you their mistakes. so what should we do ? just focus on your greatest quality-

Dear friends, if you are serious about your key qualities and their development, then shout fast –

‘Yes I am serious ……’

Oh I listened, so let’s start – first you take a white paper and write in the middle of that paper – “My key qualities” “My special qualities” and draw a circle around it .

Then, to the right and left branches of this circle, write down your major qualities,

your greatest quality

This process is called Mind Mapping. It is popularized by Tony Buzan. By this, you use both parts of your brain to achieve your goal. And as you look and read the above picture, the qualities written in it will be embedded in you. And it is a life changing process with the help of which you can achieve the toughest goal and what is your goal – your key qualities. To identify and develop them. Find your greatest quality as soon as possible.

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