How will you find the real your life purpose? I am not talking about your job, or your daily responsibilities or your long term goals. I mean the real reason you’re here for — the reason you for you exist.

Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes

Or perhaps you are an atheist who thinks that his life has no purpose, and life has no meaning. It does not matter. To be sure in this matter that life has no purpose does not stop you from discovering it, just as not being convinced in gravity cannot stop you from wandering.

Without being sure, just a little time will be spent,So if you are such a person, then increase the number in the title of this post from 20 to 40 (or 60 if you are really stubborn). There is more chance that if you believe that your life has no purpose, then you will not believe in what I am saying, but still, what goes into giving an hour, do you know anything Go?

Talking a short story about Bruce Lee, I set the stage for this short exercise. A martial artist told Bruce to teach me everything you know about martial arts. Bruce took two cups filled with water and said “The first cup shows whatever you know about martial arts, The second cup reflects my knowledge of martial srts. If you want to fill your cup with my knowledge, first you have to say the knowledge of your cup. “

If you want to know the your life purpose, then all the wasted motives taught to you first (including that there is no purpose in your life) have to come out of your mind.

your life purpose

So how do you find the your life purpose? Although there are many ways to find this out, but here I will tell you a very simple method which anyone can adopt. The more you accept this method, the more you expect it to work, the faster it will work for you. But even if you don’t expect much from it, or doubt something, think it is stupid. , If it is barbaric of time, it will work for you,Just need to keep up with it. — But yes, time will take a little longer.

you have to do :

1) Take a blank page or open a word file.

2) Write on the top, “What is your life purpose?”

3) Write an answer (anything) that is coming in your mind. There is no need to write a complete sentence. A small phrase is enough.

4) Repeat step 3 until you write an answer that makes you cry. This is your life purpose.

Is that all . It does not make any sense whether you are a counselor engineer or a bodybuilder. Some people will find this exercise to be suitable, some people will be blatantly rubbish. Whatever is the stir in our mind about the purpose of life, and due to our social conditioning, it will usually take 15-20 minutes to clear whatever we think about this topic.

The wrong answer is from your memory and mind. Will come But when you get the right answer, you will realize that this answer is coming from a completely different place.

Those people who have gathered at the very lowest level of their awareness will take a long time to get all the wrong answers, perhaps more than an hour. But if you continue after 100, 200 or 500 answers, then you will get an answer that will increase your feelings, which will make you cry. If you have never done this before, then it may seem very silly to you. Let it be, but do it. You definately come to know your life purpose.

As you go through this process, some of your answers will look very similar, you can also re-write old answers if you want. You can suddenly think in a new direction and also write 10-20 new answers. I’m OK. You can write the answers that come to your mind, provided you keep writing.

your life purpose

During this time there will come a time (after about 50-100 answers) when you want to quit, and you cannot see yourself reaching that answer. You may feel like you get up from a pretext and start doing something else. This is normal. Cross this barrier, and just keep writing. The feeling of obstruction will be over in some time.

Maybe you get some answers in the middle that make you a bit emotional, but they won’t make you cry – go ahead by highlighting such answers, so that later you can come back to them and make new coincidences. Each answer represents a part of your purpose, but it is not complete in itself. When you start getting such answers, it means that you are getting warm-up. Just keep moving forward until you findout your life purpose.

It is important that you do this alone without interruption. If you are an atheist, you can start with the answer, “My life has no purpose,” or “Life is meaningless,” and move on from there. If you continue, you will definitely get an answer.

your life purpose

When I did this exercise, it took me about 25 minutes, and I reached my final answer in 106th step. Some parts of the answer (when I got a little emotional) I got step no. 17, 39 and 53. And in step 100-106, I got my answer and kept refine. I felt that this process would fail, I felt very impatient and irritating. Step no. After 80 I took a break of 2 minutes, closed my eyes and relaxed a bit, cleared my mind and focused on my intention to get an answer you can also get your life purpose.

My final answer was: live life with awareness and courage, adopt love and kindness, awaken the great souls of others, and leave this world peaceful.

When you get your answer as to why you are here, then you will feel that it is touching your inner mind. Those words will make you feel energetic, and whenever you read them you will feel that energy which help you to find your life purpose.

Knowing the purpose is easy. The difficulty is to keep it with you every day and work on yourself that one day you will become that objective yourself.

your life purpose

If you want to ask why this process works, then you first put this question in the side until you complete this excercise successfully. And when you do this, you will probably have your own answer as to why it works and you also get your life purpose. If you ask these questions to 10 people (who have successfully completed this process), then there is more chance that you will get ten different answers, which will be according to their own belief system, and each one has the truth that Will be the image itself.

Obviously, if you quit before the final answer you cannot get your life purpose, then this process will not work for you. I estimate that 80-90% people will get the answer within 1 hour . If you are too much entangled in your perceptions, then you might take 5 sessions and take a total of 3 hours, but I doubt that such people will quit earlier (maybe in the first 15 minutes) or they will attempt this Do not But you are attracted to read this blog (and have not yet thought about making it from your life), then hardly you should belong to this group and find out your life purpose.

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