How to increase your steps towards your Ideal life?
Friends, if I look around me, I see only a few people who are living their dream life or ideal life. For me it is not a matter of tension, but the thing that worries me is that very few people think about their ideal life, and less than that they try to achieve it.

Steps towards your Ideal life :

By ideal life, I mean a life that is best for you, is your choice, which you really enjoy.

Have you ever thought what your ideal life should be like? No, then start thinking from now on. Life is not so long that you can avoid this important work. And secondly, it is not even such a thing that it is thought today and completed tomorrow, it may take years or even a decade !!! But whenever you get this life, you will be among the happiest people in the world. So you have to take steps towards this.

If I talk about myself, then I am also away from my ideal life, but it is so important that I know how my ideal life will be and I am moving towards it fast. And maybe in the next two-three years that will be reality.

your ideal life

I think if you want to know what your ideal life will be like, then you have to find answers to some questions within yourself:

Where do you want to spend your life?
Do you want to pass by?
With whom do you want to pass?
And it has to be kept in mind that the answers to these questions are the voice inside you, not the things said to impress the society.

For example: If you believe in living a simple life, then tall cars and big bungalows are not important in your ideal life, but just because society is influenced by these things, you include it in your ideal life. This will not be right. You just have to impress yourself and nobody else.

You have to think in detail about these questions. And if you want to see this thinking become a reality, then you have to drown in it. If you want, you can also make a sketch or painting related to them. Or you can make a small movie in your mind, which you can watch by playing in your mind again and again. I often write about my ideal life in my diary. And I think about that almost everyday. While doing this, some scenes pass before my eyes, which make me feel happy.

As far as the question of where life is spent and with whom, people can easily answer these questions, but the biggest challenge that can come to you while planning about Ideal life is the question of livelihood. Maybe your work does not let you go where you want to live? That is why in thinking about an ideal life, it is most important that you think seriously about your work.

Here I want to share with you two rules related to work, which can be helpful for you to move toward your ideal life.:

10,000 Hour Rule:

According to the famous author Malcolm Gladwell, according to the theory, in order to master what you do, you have to do at least 10,000 hours of that work only then you can become an expert in it. This means that even if you do some work everyday for 5 hours, it will take you 5-6 years to become an expert. Therefore be patient, it will take time.

your ideal life

Why become an expert?

So that you can work on your terms and conditions. Be the best in whatever field you are in. If you teach a subject, then rum so much in it that no one with the same information as you is far away. If you work as accounts, then master it so that people will see you as a consultant. Experts have respect, they have a name and they never lack work… ..where they live.

You can see an example of this in your high school-inter days, there are many teachers who do not teach in any school, but there is a line of those who read tuition… because they are expert in their subject. And they are able to achieve this status only after thousands of hours of hard work

your ideal life

If the work you currently do is not in your mind, then take some time every day for the work of your mind and try to become expert in it slowly, remember George Burns’s point, “Whatever you want.” Failing is better than being successful in something you do not want. ” So stay engaged, one day you will definitely succeed.

And when you become an expert, maybe you can also do your work by going to your dream place or nearby. This is more possible than ever in this era of globalization. And through internet too many people are able to do their mind work sitting at home and achieve your ideal life.

Be Number 1 or 2 in your work

CEO JACK WELCH, who took General Electric to new heights, had a philosophy that the business your company is in is either number 1 or number 2.

By adding this philosophy a little, we can also use it in our life to achieve your ideal life. Whatever work you do, become number 1 or number 2 in your area. How to define the area is up to you. If you are in a small city, then the whole city can be your area, and if you are in a big place like Delhi, then you can become # 1 or # 2 in any of its areas.

your ideal life

Friends, no matter what condition you are in today, whatever your age, you can think about your ideal life and try to move towards that. And if you are twenty something, then you are in a very good position, if you try from today, you will probably be reaching your life by the time you reach 30. And even if you are of more age, it would be better to live a second class life throughout your life so that you can make your ideal life a reality as soon as possible.

All the best.

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